Computer Science & Engineering Department

About Department

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has been established in 2019 with an intake of 60 girl students. The Department is equipped with huge infrastructure and all facilities with highly qualified & experienced staff to cater to the need of students. The department has a dedicated 48 Mbps internet leased line for connecting all departments and their laboratories to share information at the fingertip.
The laboratories are well-equipped with the licensed software. The latest branded computers, printers, and scanners make the IT experience, truly world-class.
One of the most sought-after courses amongst engineering students, Computer Science& Engineering-CSE is an academic program that integrates the field of Computer Engineering and Computer Science.
The program, which lays emphasis on the basics of computer programming and networking, comprises a plethora of topics. The said topics are related to computation, algorithms, programming languages, program design, databases, computer software, computer hardware, etc. Computer Science & Engineering department gives exposure to its students not only to the curriculum but also to various skill areas required by the IT industry. Computer Science Engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual circuits, microprocessors, personal computers, supercomputers, and writing software that powers them. Even though CSE is one of the engineering specializations, candidates pursuing the program have the option of further choosing amongst various other specializations like Telecommunication, web designing, computer hardware & software implementation & maintenance, etc.