WELCOME to Shree Siddheshwar Women’s College of Engineering, Solapur Library. Library is the heart of any education system. Libraries play a crucial role in colleges, contributing significantly to the academic and intellectual development of students.

Library is the soul of Education. Temple of knowledge. It is evidently the heart of the institute. Library plays a very important role in the curricular development & to satisfy the readers thirst for knowledge.

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Research Support

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Group Study

Librarian's Desk


Mrs. M.M.Kulkarni

M.Lib & I.Sc, M.A.(Political Science)

Our library is indispensable for providing access to information, supporting research activities, facilitating learning, and contributing to the overall academic and intellectual growth of students & essential components of the educational ecosystem in our institutions.

Library Vision: "Inspiring curiosity and learning for all, our library strives to be a welcoming hub where knowledge opens doors and communities flourish."
Library Mission: "Connecting people with knowledge, our library is dedicated to providing accessible resources and fostering a love for learning in our community."

Library Features

Libraries range widely in size, up to millions of items. Libraries often provide quiet spaces for private studying, common areas to facilitate group study and collaboration, and public facilities for access to their electronic resources and the Internet.

1.Learning Resource Center

Providing students with access to a wide range of textbooks, reference materials, and academic journals related to engineering disciplines.

2.Research Support

Access to research databases, scholarly journals, and other resources that aid students and faculty in conducting research.

3.Quiet Study Environment

Library offer a quiet and conducive environment for individual and group study.This is particularly important for engineering students who often need concentrated study time to grasp complex concepts and solve intricate problems.

4.Cultural and Recreational Resources

There are also offer cultural and recreational materials. This includes fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, and other materials that contribute to the overall development of students.

Library Facilities

Book Bank facility

Library provides book bank facility every student for every semester.

Digital Library

Digital library contains all NPTEL videos, e-books, e-journals. Library has ‘AutoLib NG’ Library Management Software.

OPAC system

Online Public Access Catalogue system is provided to all students and staff to search reserve any book & also give the feedback for the library service. This service is provided only in-campus.

Previous question papers

All previous years question papers are available on OPAC facility. Anybody can preview or download any question paper from OPAC.


Library has preserved all faculties research papers in library software which can be viewed on OPAC. Library is a member of DELNET (Developing Library Network) & NDL (National Digital Library).

Newspaper Clipping Service

All news related to the Institute are available in this section.

Reprographic facility

Reprographic facility is available in the library premises

Internet Facility

Free internet network is available through the Library.

Wi-Fi facility

Library provide wi-fi facility to all students and staff.

OPAC(Online Public Access Catalogue) Facility

Step 1:
Step 1: Enter your member number as user name
Step 1: Enter your birth date as password (dd/mm/yyyy)